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He posted his pic in his twitter this afternoon...And I really envy with his face! so clean and smooth like a baby butt

He looks so chubby!! >.< Btw, I got information about his birthday...His b'day is 4th January 1992...And his phone number is...Oops....It's secret xDD

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Again...N-Train's Leader Selca

N-Train's leader 정정균 post his selca again in his twitter a couple days ago...He posted 3 selcas! o.O Well...We're barely to get his selca lately because he used to be the photografer...This is it!

He's so handsome right? >.< Omo...if SangWoo post so many selca like that, maybe I'll die in the spot xDD

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SangWoo's Social Network Account

All N-Train's fans already know about this. SangWoo, the main vocal of N-Train attacked by hacker. His social network account which is his cyworld, facebook and twitter deleted by hacker. First time, his cyworld (www.cyworld.com/tkddneh) deleted...then his twitter (@tkddneh)...then his facebook was the last account got delete. But now, he make a new account for his cyworld and twitter. Just add 7 in the last of his previous ID ==> tkddneh7...But unfortunely, he hasn't make a new facebook account until now. Maybe it's because he's so busy for N-Train's comeback. But I'm satisfied enough just with his twitter eventhough he barely to online there. At least I still can send a message to him. Why the hacker only attacked him? We thought he use same ID/email and password for all accounts. He ever asked us to add his new cyworld address and put his email address in his twitter. It's very stupid...I think....to put his email address in his social network like that since he's an Korean idol! Don't he scared that his fans will spam his email?? Aigooo...Baby...please delete all your personal information from your social network account >.<


Icha imnida

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Woo Jeong Appa

Today I got a funny message again from Appa when I asked about his feeling today because MyungKyun got his holiday. This is his reply message:


'@ichamisao @specialdubu @plusjmk  i am not happy ㅋㅋ MK need my money for his wonderful holiday hahaha ~just kidding...happy!'


@ichamisao is my ID, @specialdubu is my friend's ID and @Plusjmk is MyungKyun's ID


Appa...you're a funny person! this is the third times he reply me with jokes...I love Appa!! You can add his twitter @sundog0821 ... I bet he will welcome you with warm heart~

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N-Train's Leader is so Handsome >.

This morning N-Train's leader, 정정균 post his selca and a short video in his twitter (@unfinished). I can't help to use it as my phone's wallpaper since he's very beautiful handsome in the picture xD ... This is the pic:

How can I ignore that pic?? He is so handsome right?? Beautiful creature from above xDDD

Icha imnida

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Ahn Joong Jae

Good morning!! Still sleepy~

I promise to post about Ahn Joong Jae before...Even though I dont know about him too much but I still want to talk about him. I think he's such a mysterious guy XD

This is Ahn Joong Jae

His guitar's skill is so amazing!! You can see his guitar performance on my You Tube channel 'ichamisao2' I dont know when was he born but I know he's 92line...

I'll update about him again if I got some news about him again...

Icha imnida...

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N-Train imnida Part 5

Killing time again...
The last member of N-Train...Grrr...I confuse to choose which picture will be upload because he's so cute!

Yeah...we talk about...The cute magnae...SONG YU JIN

Actually, N-Train has 2 magnae...they born at same date,month and year...Yeah...YuJin has same birthday with SangWoo, 22 February 1992. Even though they're 'twin' but everyone say that YuJin is the magnae. Maybe it's because he's more cute than SangWoo *That's why I call SangWoo with 'Little big baby'*. He has husky voice which that I know it's sexy xD You can follow his twitter @ujin3304 If you have watched 'One Last Cry' accoustic version, you'll see his friend as their main guitarist...Ahn Joong Jae *I'll talk about him in next post*

I've done post all N-Train's member...I think I'll continue to post about them...because I really fall in love with them...

Jaa neee!!
Icha imnida


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N-Train imnida Part 4

Good morning!! Uwaaa...runny nose in the morning...

Ok...next l'll talk about my bias and SoulJ partner...His Soul Brothers...

My little big baby KIM SANGWOO...

So many people said that he looks like DaeSung from Big Bang...but I don't think so...Maybe he has a so-so face but his voice is amazing just like SoulJ...He born at 22 February 1992 and his brother is a professional baseball player name Kim Sang Soo...You can watch so many video of him at Medialinesound's You Tube channel. He is the main vocal just like SoulJ (N-Train has 2 main vocal). his twitter account is @tkddneh He just lost his iphone when they recorded Idol Adventure for KBS *poor him* So, he always borrow YuJin's iphone to tweet. Baby...just buy a new one!

Icha imnida

Note : Hehehehe...just like before Ok?

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N-Train imnida Part 3

Killing time!!
Next member is...


His real name is Lee Jong Min...Why he use SoulJ as his stage name? Soul from Soul Brothers (Soul Brothers are Jong Min and Sang Woo) and J from JongMin...He born at 25 October 1988 and he's the only one member who has fulfill his duty as Korean guy, which is army...His voice's so awesome! You can follow his twitter @S0ul_J He likes to post his own video...He has tattoo in both hand...If you watch their MPick *I forget which epi*, u can see him sleep naked xDD

Icha imnida

Note : Like before..I forget where did I get this pic :D

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My baby swagger rapper...I always love you...Please take care!

Icha imnida~

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