2019.02.21 Park Hyo Shin - Beautiful Tomorrow

I really like this song by Park Hyo Shin with title Beautiful Tomorrow. Since I heard his song Wild Flower, I fall in love with his voice. His voice is really beautiful and can deliver the song very well. Not forget the pianist Jung Jae Il who is his best friend. They created this song together (and also Wild Flower as long as I know).

This is the lyric:

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Here is the other song from Park Hyo Shin that I like so much:

Park Hyo Shin - The Day (Mr. Sunshine OST)

Park Hyo Shin - Wildflower

Every song that he sang gives me goosebumps~ You don't need to understan Korean to listrin to Park Hyo Shin because he's absolutely stunning with his voice alone. And this is the news that I heard about Wild Flower's: "From what I've heard this song was written while he was going through some horrible things, his company at the time mistreated him and worked him till hi collapsed, then because of the overworking he got vocal modules (or something like that), then to top it all off his best friend committed suicide. So after a 4 years hiatus this was the song he came back with."

Well, I never read any news about him before (only know about his name but not his works) and if it's true, I only can say that he deserves to live a better life now. He deserved to be The King of Ballad Singer because he can sing every ballad song very well and deliver the emotion through the song very well too. SALUTE FOR YOU!!

And I think I know why he can sing beautifuly like that. I think it's because he's musical actor, so he can emotially deliver the mean of the song he sings. If i have a chance to watch his concert, I will absolutely watch it!

2018.12.01 To All My Ex-Boyfriends

Jadi... Minggu lalu, gua dengerin lagu-lagu K-POP yang gua download sejak 1 tahun yang lalu dan belum pernah gua dengerin sama sekali. Dan pas gua lagi denger lagu-lagunya, gua nemuin 1 lagu, yang nyanyiin penyanyi cewe favorite gua. Nih penyanyi cewe, jebolan Superstar K (lupa season berapa). Dia ga menang or masuk babak final, tapi dia salah satu dari top 10 Superstar K season waktu itu. Nama penyanyinya adalah Minseo. Gua inget banget waktu itu si Yoon Jong Shin suka banget sama dia dan menyayangkan dia tereliminasi. Gua ga pernah denger or nyari-nyari berita soal si Minseo ini dan ternyata dia sebenernya jadi penyanyi solo sekarang.

Ok, skip ke soal dengerin lagu, pas gua denger lagu yang dinyanyiin sama Minseo ini, gua suka banget dan ngena banget walaupun gua belum tau arti tuh lagu. Jadi, lagu ini sebenernya lagu lamanya si Yoon Jong Shin, cuma kayak dibuat jawaban dari lagunya si Yoon Jong Shin tersebut. Inget ga lagunya Armada yang judulnya Asal Kau Bahagia? Waktu itu ada cewe cover tuh lagu tapi diganti liriknya jadi kayak jawaban dari lagu Asal Kau Bahagia tersebut. Yah, kurang lebih kayak gitu lah~

Gua cari-cari MVnya dan nemu di Youtube... Mungkin kalian mau dengerin dan komentar soal nih lagu

Bagi kalian yang ga ngerti bahasa Korea macem gua, nih gua kasih lirik asli dan terjemahan bahasa Inggris dari lagunya:

[Minseo - Yes]
이제 괜찮니 너무 힘들었다며
Are you okay now? Didn't you have a hard time?
너의 그 마무리가
At the end, didn't you say it was just a farewell
고작 이별뿐일 거라 우린 괜찮다면서
And that we would be fine
잘 지낸다고 전해 들었지?
Have you heard that I'm doing well?
내겐 정말 참 좋은 사람 만나 잘 지내고 있어
I'm seeing someone who's kind to me
마냥 자상한 사람
A thoughtful person
잘 됐어 우린 힘들었잖아
Isn't this good? We had a hard time
서로 다름을 견뎌 내기엔
Tolerating each other's differences
좋아 사랑해서 사랑을 시작해서
I'm doing well, because I'm in love, because love has begun
다신 눈물 흘리지 않을 거야
I won't let tears fall anymore
그 기억은 아직도 힘들어 헤어 나오지 못해
When I think of those memories, it's still hard for me, I can't be free from them
니 소식 들린 날은 더
Especially on days when I hear about you
좋아 참 그 사람 한없이 날 이해해줘
I'm doing well, that person understands me well
넌 날 몰라도 정말 몰라줬어
You really didn't understand me
내 아픔의 단 십 분의 일만이라도
Even if it's only one-tenth of the pain I experienced
아프다 날 잊어줘
While you're hurting, please forget me too
억울한가 봐 너만 힘든 것 같니
Do you feel it's unfair? Do you think you're the only one who feels bad?
어쩜 넌 그대로니
Why are you still like that?

몰래 흘린 눈물 아니 제발 유난 좀 떨지 마
You don't know the tears I shed, please don't exaggerate
간단해 나는 행복 바랬어
It's simple, I just want to be happy
그게 언제든 넌 알 바 아닌 걸
It has nothing to do with you anymore
좋아 사랑해서
I'm doing well, I'm in love
사랑을 시작할 때 내가 그렇게 예쁘다면서
When love begun for us, you said I was pretty then
그 모습을 그가 참 좋아해 너무 날 사랑해줘
That person likes that side of me too
아팠던 날 알면서도
He loves me very much even though he knows I've suffered before
좋아 참 그 사람 솔직히 너무나 고마워
I'm doing well, that person is someone I'm really grateful for
너도 빨리 행복하면 좋겠어
I hope you'll find happiness soon too
다음 사람 내 열 배만큼 사랑해줘
I hope your next lover gets ten times more love from you than I did
다시는 그러지 마
Don't repeat the same mistakes
혹시 잠시라도 내가 떠오르면
If you think of me sometimes
걘 잘 지내 물어봐 줘
Just ask, "Is she doing well?"
잘 지내라고 답할 걸 모두 다
I'm doing well, that's what everyone will probably say
정말 난 정말 잘 살 거니까
Really, because I'm really doing well
그 흘렸던 내 눈물 때문에 나를 아낄 거야
Because of the tears I shed, I cherish myself more
후회는 없을 거야
I won't let myself have regrets
좋아 정말 좋아 딱 잊기 좋은 추억 정도야
I'm doing well, really doing well, Because the amount of memories are not too much to forget
난 딱 알맞게 너를 사랑했어
I loved you properly once without any grievance
뒤끝 없는 너의 예전 여자 친구일 뿐
I loved you properly once without any grievance
길었던 결국 안 될 사랑
It was a love that lasted long but bore no fruit

Terus waktu lagi nyari-nyari MVnya, gua nemu video waktu dia nyanyiin sama si Yoon Jong Shin dimana si Jong Shin-nya nyanyiin versi aslinya terus muncul di Minseo nyanyiin lagu yang udh diremake~

Intinya... bagi para mantan-mantan gua di luar sana, don't worry about me because I've found someone who adores me and loves me unconditionally~

2018.11.27 Almost Couldn't Login in My Account

Oh My GOD!! I don't know how long I didn't login in Livejournal but I almost lost this account because I forgot my username and also the password. I used forgot username choice to get back my username but what I'm not expect that I must login to my yahoo mail which is I forgot the password too /sigh/~ And after some times, I succeed to login both my accounts (yahoo mail and livejournal) FINALLYYYYYY!!!

I know maybe no one want to know about my live but i can say that soooooo manyyyy thinnggssss happen in my live but I dont want to share it all. I just want to say 'HI' because I'm so happy that I can login again in this account Hahahahaha~ /I know it's not funny at all/

I'm thinking to change all layout and profile picture in here but I forget how to do it. I must try to click all buttons to find out what is it for. I hope it works or maybe someone can help me /finger cross/

FYI, I'm not really into fangirling again like I used to but I'm still listening to K-Pop song and I'm still following news about EXO (Yeah only EXO) so, don't ask me about other idols because I can't tell you anything about them. Sometimes I miss my old life style but life must go on and I need to adapt to my new life style. I need to live and understand more about real life that we all know that it's cruel~ Maybe I can share my daily life more in here. Not because I want to show off my life but, honestly, I like to write diary. I always read again my diary to remind me what kind of person me is.

Alright maybe it's enough for today. I want to find out how to change my layout now. See you next time~ Byee........


He posted his pic in his twitter this afternoon...And I really envy with his face! so clean and smooth like a baby butt

He looks so chubby!! >.< Btw, I got information about his birthday...His b'day is 4th January 1992...And his phone number is...Oops....It's secret xDD

이차 입니다...

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Again...N-Train's Leader Selca

N-Train's leader 정정균 post his selca again in his twitter a couple days ago...He posted 3 selcas! o.O Well...We're barely to get his selca lately because he used to be the photografer...This is it!

He's so handsome right? >.< Omo...if SangWoo post so many selca like that, maybe I'll die in the spot xDD

이차 입니다

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SangWoo's Social Network Account

All N-Train's fans already know about this. SangWoo, the main vocal of N-Train attacked by hacker. His social network account which is his cyworld, facebook and twitter deleted by hacker. First time, his cyworld (www.cyworld.com/tkddneh) deleted...then his twitter (@tkddneh)...then his facebook was the last account got delete. But now, he make a new account for his cyworld and twitter. Just add 7 in the last of his previous ID ==> tkddneh7...But unfortunely, he hasn't make a new facebook account until now. Maybe it's because he's so busy for N-Train's comeback. But I'm satisfied enough just with his twitter eventhough he barely to online there. At least I still can send a message to him. Why the hacker only attacked him? We thought he use same ID/email and password for all accounts. He ever asked us to add his new cyworld address and put his email address in his twitter. It's very stupid...I think....to put his email address in his social network like that since he's an Korean idol! Don't he scared that his fans will spam his email?? Aigooo...Baby...please delete all your personal information from your social network account >.<


Icha imnida

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Woo Jeong Appa

Today I got a funny message again from Appa when I asked about his feeling today because MyungKyun got his holiday. This is his reply message:


'@ichamisao @specialdubu @plusjmk  i am not happy ㅋㅋ MK need my money for his wonderful holiday hahaha ~just kidding...happy!'


@ichamisao is my ID, @specialdubu is my friend's ID and @Plusjmk is MyungKyun's ID


Appa...you're a funny person! this is the third times he reply me with jokes...I love Appa!! You can add his twitter @sundog0821 ... I bet he will welcome you with warm heart~

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N-Train's Leader is so Handsome >.

This morning N-Train's leader, 정정균 post his selca and a short video in his twitter (@unfinished). I can't help to use it as my phone's wallpaper since he's very beautiful handsome in the picture xD ... This is the pic:

How can I ignore that pic?? He is so handsome right?? Beautiful creature from above xDDD

Icha imnida

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Ahn Joong Jae

Good morning!! Still sleepy~

I promise to post about Ahn Joong Jae before...Even though I dont know about him too much but I still want to talk about him. I think he's such a mysterious guy XD

This is Ahn Joong Jae

His guitar's skill is so amazing!! You can see his guitar performance on my You Tube channel 'ichamisao2' I dont know when was he born but I know he's 92line...

I'll update about him again if I got some news about him again...

Icha imnida...

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